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Sell With Us Pack

Sell With Us Pack

The Thrifting Den
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This is for those who want to sell their children's branded clothing on The Thrifting Den. The cost is to cover the delivery fee of one box for the initial sending of your items


☑ You have at least 15 items from the "YES" brand list
☑ Items have no marks, holes or major wear & tear
☑ You have read through payment options & decided on one
☑ You purchase the correct 'size' pack based on your main size range that you will be sending (sending multiple size ranges is fine - as long as you select pack for size range you will send most of)
☑ You understand no liability is taken for lost/stolen packages
☑ Box to send items must be no larger than 45 x 25 x 25 cm or equivalent volume of 28,125cm3 or less. To work out volume multiple width x height x length)
☑ You understand sending more than one box will incur an extra $10 fee per box
☑ You will be able to have your box of items ready for courier pick up within 1 week of purchasing the Sell With Us pack
☑ Pickup address is an Urban address (or you're welcome to sort postage yourself & have $10 cost refunded if Rural)

This cost is non-refundable so please ensure you are 100% committed to going ahead with the consignment & have read and understand everything on the Sell With Us page.

Packages left for courier pick up must be placed in a secure location. We take no responsibility for lost/stolen packages.

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