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Condition Definitions

Unsure of what all the acronyms mean?

See the handy guide below withΒ how we define our item conditions and what it all means...

Please note that 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' so what we might think is EUC you might think is GUC and vice versa. This goes for different resellers & buy/sell pages having different ideas on what the below condition acronyms meant to them too. The below is how we personally define the condition of the items that are available to purchase.

Please also note that items with names or initials or iron on name stickers on any inside tags that can be cut (ie. hanging neck tags or inside care labels) are not considered a fault as they will not be seen when the item is being worn. Items with name stickers or stamps or written names onto fabric that cannot be removed will be considered faulty and price reflected as such.
BNWT - brand new with tag

BNWOT - brand new without tag

Like New Condition - looks 'pretty much' new, maybe worn once or twice max, has extremely minimal to no signs of wear

EUC - excellent used condition, can tell it isn't brand new but otherwise has minimal defects (if any) and not much signsΒ of wear (no holes or marks etc)

VGUC - very good used condition, still in great condition but might have more signs of wear however nothing too major (might have brushing, a small or light mark, teeny hole etc - all will be pointed out in the description)

GUC - good used condition, still has plenty of life left however has more definite/noticeable signs of wear (might have a few marks or a small hole, be quite wash faded, may have brushing etc - all will be pointed out in the description)

Play - has major signs of wear such as many/large marks and/or small holes. Still wearable and great for play/kind/daycare etc

Signs of wear include but are not limited to..
  • brushing
  • small mark(s) and/or light mark(s)
  • teeny to small hole
  • small amount of stitching has come away
  • wash/sun faded

Please remember these are pre-loved items and therefore unless listed as BNWT or BNWOT, they will show some signs of wear. Any more major signs of wear such as holes, marks etc will be written in the description & will have accompanying photos where possible.