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Article: The Vintage Archives

The Vintage Archives

A collation of vintage labels that have been dated to give an idea of what era your items may be from.

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 This is an ongoing project and if you would like to contribute with photos & dates of brand tags please email or reach out via Instagram @the.thrifting.den x

Please note the items with singular dates below are not the only date that tag could have been used, just the ones that have been sited on tags so far - to give an estimate of tag timeline

*** = research reference will be shown at bottom of page

Strawberry Shortcake 2005
Polo Jeans Ralph Lauren Sub brand started 1996 and ended 2006
Warner Bros 2000
Levi's (Made In Australia) 2001
Levi's stopped making in Aus in 2004 + last 2 lots of digits are week & year (39th week of 2001)
NFL with Reebok tag 2011 and earlier (Nike took over production in 2012)

Guess (grid tag Assembled in Mexico of US components)


Late nineties
(no earlier than 1997)

Guess (grid tag with Georges Marciano name)
1981 - 1993
Russell Athletic
Playskool 1991
JK Kids 2003
Teletubbies 1996
Teeny Weeny (yellow tag) 1997
PCA Apparel (DC Comics) 1996
Thomas The Tank Engine 1995
   Gymboree 1998
Pumpkin Patch 2002, 2003, 2005
Cutecumber by Mark No specific dates however brand is '80s - 90's
Carhartt (care label ID) 1999 (first 4 digits of top numbers  are month/year)

Osh Kosh (specific logo shown with Made In USA care label)


1986 - 1997
Pumpkin Patch (navy) 1990 - 2001
Pumpkin Patch (maroon)
1990 - 1999
Pumpkin Patch (purple)
1990 - 1999

Osh Kosh (specific logo shown with Made In USA care label + exact union label)


1986 - 1994

Research references

Osh Kosh #1 - 1000 logos
Osh Kosh #2 with union label - The Fedora Lounge
Russell Athletic - Pintrest
Guess - LootFam
Thrifty Grace (contributor) - Instagram Page

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