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Clearout your closet with our Closet Cashout service! It's as easy as packaging up your mini's gently loved clothing and getting cash or credit in return x

How it works

In 6 easy steps you can convert that closet full of gently loved clothes into cash or credit!

Purchase a Closet Cashout pack at the bottom of the page to cover the cost of shipping your goodies, then leave it to us to inspect and send you through a purchase sheet detailing what amounts you will get for what items.

If you're unsure on how much your items will be purchasd for, check out the payout pricing schedule below and then head to our website to get an idea of how we price items (your payout will be a % of what our usual prices are)

Please note we currently only accept sizes newborn to 4 years & you have 7 days to have your items ready for collection once purchasing a Closet Cashout pack.

Frequently Asked Questions


See below the full list of brands accepted and at what payout percentage!

If you choose to be paid out via Store Credit you can add an additional 10% on top of the below percentages.

If you'd like to gauge an idea on what you'd be offered for you items, check out the list below and then see what we price similar items/brands at on our website and this should give you a general idea.

If a brand is not listed below please message to get clarification on wether we would accept that brand (please note any major chain store brands are unlikely to be accepted)

IMPORTANT - We currently only accept sizes newborn up to 4 years clothing & some brands of footwear. (No underwear, bedding, books, toys, accessories etc)

Tap on the headings below to see list of brands

Buy purchasing a Closet Cashout pack you confirm you have read and understood all of the detail above and agree to the terms of a Closet Cashout service. You also understand The Thrifitng Den is not liable for any packages stolen while awaiting pick up or lost en route by the courier. 

Please note there is no guarantee that The Thrifitng Den will purchase all of your items, this is to be determined once the items have arrived and have been inspected. The Thrifting Den reserves the right to change the payout structure and terms at any time.

Closet Cashout
Closet Cashout

Closet Cashout


This is to cover shipping of your Closet Cashout clothing to be sent to The Thrifting Den.

Please ensure you select the right packaging requirement
SMALL BAG - This is a bag no bigger than 30 x 20cm 
LARGE BAG - This is a bag no bigger than 33 x 25cm
BOX - This is a box that has a volume of 28,125cm3 or less.
(To work out volume multiple width x height x length)
OLDER KIDS BOX - This is for age range 5 - 8 years and box that has a volume of 28,125cm3 or less.
(To work out volume multiple width x height x length)

This cost is non-refundable so please ensure you are 100% committed to going ahead & have read and understand everything on the Closet Cashout page.

Package is to be ready for collection within 7 days of purchasing, otherwise you forfiet the pack

RURAL CUSTOMERS - at this time we can only organise courier pick up from Urban addresses. Please supply an urban address for pick up or select the 'I will organise postage myself' option to arrange your own postage.

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