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Closet Cashout

Sale price$10.00

IMPORTANT: Please read the Condition Definitions before purchasing

This is to subsidise the cost of shipping of your Closet Cashout clothing to be sent to The Thrifting Den.

Please ensure you select the right packaging requirement
BAG - This is a bag no bigger than 33 x 25cm 
BOX - This is a box no larger than a 72 pack Huggies nappy box (or volume of 28,000cm3)

If you have more than age range to send, please select the age range that you have the MOST of that you will be sending.

This cost is non-refundable so please ensure you are 100% committed to going ahead & have read and understand everything on the Closet Cashout page.

❗STORE CREDIT ONLY boxes cannot be swapped out for cash payment - please ensure you do not purchase a STORE CREDIT ONLY box if you are wanting cash payment.

Package is to be ready for collection within 7 days of purchasing, otherwise you forfeit the pack
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Closet Cashout
Closet Cashout Sale price$10.00