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Trade in your order for cash or credit once your mini's have outgrown the items.

Ordered from us but now your mini's have outrgrown the items? Trade your order back in for cash or credit! It's the full circlular fashion way to shop.

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How it works

If you make an order with us, you now have the option of returning that order once your babes have outgrown the items, to trade in for either cash or store credit!

The amount paid out for your returned items is based off of our Closet Cashout service payout percentages. So you will get a % back of what we would relist that item for on the website.

Scroll down to see current brand payout percentages.
Access the Order Cashout Portal here

Please note we will not refund items from the SUNDAY SECONDS SALE, DONATIONS, original SHIPPING paid or any SERVICE items such as Sell With Us spot, Closet Cashout etc.



See below the full list of brands accepted and at what payout percentage!

If you choose to be paid out via Store Credit you can add an additional 10% on top of the below percentages.

If you'd like to gauge an idea on what you'd be offered for you items, check out the list below and then see what we price similar items/brands at on our website and this should give you a general idea.

If you have an item in your order that is a brand not listed below, you will receive a 10% payout amount.

Tap on the headings below to see list of brands
LISTED UPDATED - 19th March 2024


- Once Order Cashout has been requested via portal, you have 14 days to have your package booked & en route with the courier. 
- If you have selected for The Thrifting Den to provide shipping label and this has been provided, but you have not sent the package within the 14 day time frame, you will be invoiced $7.50 to pay for the shipping fee & your Order Cashout cancelled.
- Service is non-refundable so please make sure you're 100% that you want to complete an Order Cashout before submitting.

IMPORTANT - You understand no liabilty is taken for packages stolen from properties or lost/damaged en route by the courier