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Closet Cashout Organise Pick Up

You're one step closer to the most hassle free way of selling your mini's clothing. How EXCITING! Let's get your items organised for pick up!

Please copy the below template and paste into the message box below with the completed detail


Full Name:
(name you purchased a closet cashout pack under)
Payment option:
(cash or credit)
Dimensions of box W/H/L or dimensions of bag W/L: (please ensure it is no larger than the max size)
Pickup address: (if a business address please add business name)
Secure location for pickup: (ie. front door, back deck etc)
Do you have a printer?: (no worries if not!)


You will be contacted within 48 hours with detail on when your package will be picked up!

Please note no liability is taken for stolen packages or packages lost en route by the courier.