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You're one step closer to the most hassle free way of selling your mini's clothing! How exciting!! Let's get your items organised for pick up.

Closet Cashout

It's as simple as deciding wether you want Cash (bank transfer) or Credit (store credit - you get an extra 10% per brand) payment and then completing the form below



Please note terms below as listed on the Closet Cashout page…

If you have purchased a STORE CREDIT ONLY box, this cannot be swapped to cash payment. Please selec the correct payment option on the form otherwise it will delay your box getting picked up as you will need to be emailed to confirm you understand your purchase was for STORE CREDIT and not cash payment.

πŸ‘š Clothing only, no accessories, bedding, toys etc (and only certain brands of footwear)
πŸ“ Only brands listed under the percentage table are to be sent
πŸ›οΈ If sending a bag, ensuring it is within measurements specified (25cm x 33cm)
πŸ“¦ If sending a box, volume to be no larger than 28,125 (calculate volume by multiplying dimension together - width, height, length) which is about the size of a Huggies 72 pack nappy box

‼️ Bag/box measurements MUST be accurate. Submitting smaller dimensions to what your package actually is will result in us being charged an β€˜underticketing fee’ by the courier, which will then be passed onto you to pay for.
πŸ—“οΈ Bag/Box to be ready for sending within 7 days of receiving this email
🚚 You understand no liability is taken for lost or stolen parcels (lost en route by courier or stolen from front door step while awaiting pick up)