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Partner With Us


What is a Partnership?

The partnership has been set up for those of you that love to op shop, find amazing goodies and would like to earn a passive income. Selling with us via a Partnership means you find the goodies, and all the admin and selling is done for you via The Thrifting Den!

How does it work?

Once you purchase a commission pack, I will email you to go through some of the detail & organise for your packaged goodies to be picked up by the courier. Once I receive them they will be photographed & listed on the website, every week I will send a summary to you of the previous weeks sales of your items + confirmation of payment.

How many items can I send?

There is a minimum requirement of 15 items per month to be sent however there is no limit to the maximum items you can send, as long as they meet the brand & condition requirements below. You are more than welcome to send multiple bags/boxes a month too! Remember the more you find & send, the more you will make!

What items can I send?

Sizes accepted are from newborn up to 10 years, no sizes over 10 years or adults clothing is accepted (any adults clothing sent will be kept to send back to you or donated to our local op shop). No accessories accepted. Some footwear accepted dependant on brand (see Brands list below). It's very important that you aren't sending brand items that aren't on the accepted list below.

Who covers what costs in this partnership?

Initial purchase of the items (ie. what you find at op shops for reselling) are not covered by the Thrifting Den. There is also an outlay of $5 shipping if you would like any items sent back that haven't sold. All other costs such as paying for your parcels to be collected, Shopify fees and any advertising etc is covered by the Thrifting Den. Please refer to IRD for tax purposes.

How long is the partnership for?

To begin with, the initial partnership will be for 6 weeks starting from receipt of goods. There is the option to extend if both parties are in mutual agreement to this (for example, you are enjoying and profiting from the partnership and we are loving the finds you have sent through). You are also welcome to cancel your Partnership at any time, with any items in your current collection running through their 6 week timeframe (4 weeks at full price and 2 weeks at 30% off sale)

How much will I be paid and when?

When your items sell you will get a percentage of the sale of those items, 55% goes to you. So for example, if an item is sold for $20, you would make $11 from that sale. Every week you will receive an email containing a summary of sales, with the funds being transferred to you that day.

Who decides how to price the items?

You can leave that one up to me! Many things go into pricing an item. RRP, condition, brand, current market resell prices and more. Prices are made to ensure you get a good return for your item but also making sure the price is fair & competitive for the customer. 

What if my items don't sell?

Any items that haven't sold after 28 days of being listed will be marked down to 30% off and put into the sale section of the website. 

What brands and items do you/don't you accept?

See below for an example list of brands that are accepted, brands that won't be accepted and brands that might be depending on the item (seasonally relevant is a must for "Maybe" brands).

This list isn't set in stone, brands under "Maybe" & brands not listed please contact me directly to query before sending If you are unsure you can always send me some photos via IG and I'll let you know if the item will be accepted or not. Any items sent that do not meet the brand guidelines below will not be listed.

Quality of items is also important. Any items sent with marks, holes or tears, or items that have a lot of wear, will not be accepted. 


When your package is booked for pick up, it is imperative you give instructions for the courier to pick up from a secure location. We will accept no liability for stolen/missing packages until they are in the hands of the courier company.

All merino (any brand) Handmade/knitted Disney & License
Jamie Kay Next Seed
Huxbaby Fred & Flo (F&F) Osh Kosh
Nature Baby Marks & Spencer (M&S) H&M
Dimples (not Dymples) Pumpkin Patch Mac & Ellie
Radicool Gymboree Cotton On Kids
Rock Your Kid/Baby T&T Zara
Band Of Boys JK Kids Teeny Weeny
Minti Charlie & Me Eeni Meeni Minii Moh
Bonds The Warehouse brands Sports brands
Country Road Kmart brands
Peter Alexander Postie brands
Wilson & Frenchy Baby Factory/City brands
Witchery Carters
Sooki Baby Little Bundle
Wool Babe Dymples (not Dimples)
Mini Rodini Gap
Sienna Blair Surf brands
Cracked Soda
Accessories (bibs, blankets, toys etc)
Burrow & Be
Buck & Baa
Wet Weather Brands (Cry Wolf, Mum 2 Mum)
Little Hummingbird
La Sienna

Designer brands (authentic only)


Mini Boden

Fox & Finch

Pop Factory

Hubble + Duke

Duke + Duchesses

Bencer + Hazlenut