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Bonds Buy Back

No time to sell your Bonds? No worries!

Trade in your Bonds goodies for store credit here at The Thrifting Den!

How it works...
  1. Purchase a Bonds Buy Back Pack
  2. Box/Bag up your Bonds & contact us to organise pick up
  3. When received we will check over all items to review condition & email you with the final credit amount offered for you to approve.

Buy Back pricing structure (to be paid in Store Credit)

  BNWT EUC / Like New VGUC
Wondersuits (long sleeve) $15 $10 $7
Wondersuits (short sleeve) $12 $8 $5
Cozysuits $12 $8 $5
Rompers/Onesies $10 $7 $5
Stretchies Leggings $8 $5 $3
Pyjama Sets $15 $10 $7
Tracksuit/Sweat Sets $17 $13 $7
Sweatshirts/Hoodies $9 $7 $4
Track Pants $8 $6 $3
Wonderbundles $12 $7 $5
Bodysuits $5 $3 N/A


 Please note at this time only the above styles are accepted & rarity or print will not change the offered store credit price.


- Brand New With Tag
EUC/Like New
- no wash fade
- no marks/stains
- no holes
- no thinning/stretching
- no stitching coming away
- Light wash fade ok
- no thinning/stretching
- no marks/stains
- no holes 
- no stitching coming away

Any items that do not meet the conditions above will not be accepted and you will have the option to have them sent back to you at your own cost ($6.50 Urban - $9.50 Rural) or they will be donated to the local op shop 


Can I send merino items as in the package as well instead of buying a separate Merino Buy Back pack?
Only if it is 3 of the accepted merino styles and no more - any more will require you to purchase a separate Merino Buy Back pack


- Please allow up to 5 business days from receipt of your items to us contacting you
- Store Credit cannot be exchanged for cash.
- Store Credit will be given in the form of a 'Gift Card' and will have a 12 month expiry
- Store Credit does not have to be used all at one time & can be used to purchase any items on The Thrifting Den 
- Your Store Credit Gift Card will not be able to be used in conjunction with discount codes and/or rewards vouchers
- Store Credit can be gifted to someone else - we will just require their details